The Kenny Lattimore Foundation, a public nonprofit, was established to address the lack of educational, developmental and mentoring needs of underprivileged inner city youth, in the area of creative fine arts. The Foundation’s interest is to increase access to creative arts and to use the arts and mentoring to bolster STEAM learning and 21st century skills. Additionally, the Foundation works to raise awareness of the importance of having access to mentoring and fine arts in underserved communities.

Why Support The Kenny Lattimore Foundation?

Studies show that access to music and fine arts help develop key skills in students, including communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, self-reflection and innovation. Since 2008 funding for music and other arts education programs have been cut from more than 80% of US school districts. Data shows that African-American and Hispanic students are two times less likely to have access to artistic programs in their school districts in comparison to their non-minority peers.

Our goal is to provide additional mentoring and arts-enrichment resources to students in underprivileged communities, allowing them to flourish as students, global citizens, and problem solvers. Working with community organizations, the Foundation facilitates students spending several weeks in programs and camps where they will have access to arts training, STEAM interactive activities, and mentoring from industry professionals, through an integrated approach that introduces localized STEAM-related challenges and objectives.

The Foundation is currently working on pilot projects that target elementary and middle school students on the east coast in Washington, DC, and on the west coast, in LA.

With the support of community minded individuals like you, 
we believe this goal is achievable.

How to support The Kenny Lattimore Foundation?

We strongly believe that one of the cornerstones to the success of The Kenny Lattimore Foundation will be in our ability to build strong reliable relationships with partners like you.

Your contribution of any size is welcomed. We are a 501c3 organization, so your donations are tax deductible. Thank you in advance for helping to transform the lives of our young people!

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Kenny Lattimore the Philanthropist.    

Actor, singer & song writer Kenny Lattimore, widely known for his Grammy-nominated ongoing wedding favorite "For You," is driven by a mission to show the strong, However, sensitive and caring side of black men through his philanthropist efforts. Kenny’s humanitarian involvement extends back to 2008 when he and fellow actor Lamman Rucker served as spokesmen for Tied to Greatness, National outreach program designed to improve the self-image of at-risk high schools located in inner cities. In 2009, he served as spokesman for the ASHE Foundation, which provided shoes and basic necessities to the displaced and African children.

In addition, he has served in national campaigns speaking for UNCF and Teach For America, and Global awareness campaigns for ALFALIT and IFAW. He is currently working on a video to bring awareness to hunger in America with Cheryl “Action” Jackson and Minnie’s Food Pantry based in Dallas, Texas. His heart extends to the quality of human life.

“Never underestimate the power of giving back to your community.”–KL